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  • Construction Logistics

    Optimal Processes on Site

    Each project is different, individual in its own way. So it is a new challenge everytime to play a part in realizing these projects, to create and optimize different processes.

  • The Future

    Construction Processes 4.0

    Lean Construction, BIM, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing Concepts, Value Added Services: Fundamentally it is about the efficiency of processes. Improve your processes together with us!

  • Case Study


    The Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf recently has received the Mipim Award. We share the owner´s happiness since our work thereby is rewarded as well.

SiteLog Construction Logistics accompanies you throughout your construction project from planning and design to implementation:

Consultant of the Builder

Together we will develop constructive ideas at any project phase to find an individual solution for your demands. More about our planning services

Construction Logistics in Industrial Zones

Taking into consideration constricted rooms and high safety standards we are always offering efficient solutions and services parallel to the production process. View reference projects

Longtime Experience

For different clients, from investor to general contractor, we have proven our knowledge in more than 200 logistic projects. More about our SiteLog team